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SMARTSTART ProductivityInsider Secrets for Slaying Productivity Dragons

Learn the critical but lesser known requirements for increasing productivity and personal effectiveness that may be standing between you and the success you seek.

EVERYONE faces daily productivity challenges and must wrestle their dragons. But YOU can quickly and easily rise above them without changing who you are!

This beginner’s guide explains:

  • the key to productivity few people ever talk about
  • 3 elements that must be mastered before you can make desired improvements in productivity
  • what productivity is NOT [which is why spending time and money on these doesn’t work]
  • the true definition of productivity
  • the formula for calculating your efficiency ratio
  • 5 keys to improving your productivity and personal effectiveness
  • 3 limiting factors you must control
  • why working a 16-hour day is not the answer
  • the secret to doubling productivity while increasing your time off
  • the #1 question you need to answer before starting work on any task
  • how to use online tools to find your productivity gaps
  • finding your best mode for learning new things
  • 3 things keeping you from being productive
  • the myth of multitasking
  • the most effective technique for finding your patterns
  • 3 characteristics highly productive people share
  • how to avoid the high cost of distraction



NOTE: There are more productivity tools and workbooks available; however, to build your core competency in this area you need the right mindset. That is why you must study the content in the beginner’s guide [Insider Secrets] first before we’ll offer you more program material.

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