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You should not be the one doing it all indefinitely.

To ensure you are honouring your responsibility for maintaining maximum productivity, any task you can hire out for less than that rate, is a task you need to make a priority for removal from your own to do list.

In reality, you do not need to (nor should you) make long-term commitments to hiring others in the early stages of offloading these unprofitable tasks. Especially when there are fantastic services like TaskRabbit available to help you meet these needs at an affordable cost.

Why would you use services like TaskRabbit for personal needs? For the reasons that thousands of other people do: to take back ownership of your schedule, access their robust network of service providers, and because it’s easily customizable to your life. It just makes good business sense.

Yes, it does take some time to accept the insanity of not hiring out all your time-sucking personal errands. Get over it. If you need to warm up to the notion, start with offloading business tasks first.

A TaskRabbit for Business account puts high-quality, background-checked workers right at your fingertips. It’s more reliable than online classifieds and less costly than traditional temp agencies.

Besides that, there are some things that may come up in your business which simply do not warrant making a long-term commitment even though you still need help to pull them off successfully.

A perfect example might be holding your first live event. There’s no justifiable need to hire a full-time meeting planner unless your entire business serves that market and event planning is your primary service offering. Depending on your experience, it might be your only live event if you don’t get it done right. You can bridge the hiring gap with experienced help from such a service.

Possibly you feel it’s too early in your business building process to care about this sort of thing. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend a few minutes to familiarize yourself with resources you might be able to put to work for your business in future. Savvy business owners make an effort to at least know what’s out there so they can take advantage of it when the time is right.