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If you could improve your personal productivity just by rearranging your desk, would you do it?

Well, after reading a book on Feng Shui, I did just that and was totally amazed at the immediate difference it made! Here’s what I learned.

Desk positions

Desk locations should be set up so that when visiting clients are received in the office, the owner’s chair is backed by the wall facing the door. Clients should be seated in the subordinate position in a smaller chair with their backs to the door. However, if your desk must be located close to a door, use a plant to protect you from unfavourable chi.

It is important, particularly when the office is a section of a room that is used at times for other purposes, to mark the boundaries – by a screen, a piece of furniture or even a rug. Inside the space, aspirational images, landscapes, good task lighting and bright colours all make a psychological contribution to success.

A clutter-free office environment is essential and work spaces should be clear of everything but the task in hand. Do not have stacked filing trays which, symbolically and literally, allow the work to mount up.

The Bagua

In the practice of Feng Shui, the Bagua is seen as a magical template used to supply information which can enable us to understand our energy and make corrections to create balance and harmony. The Bagua uses the energies of each direction to relate to the journey of life.

I used the Bagua to arrange my desk (a 24×72 cream-coloured Parsons table with solid gable ends) using Feng Shui principles as shown in the diagram below.




 [wealth area: abundance, fortunate blessings, your ability to receive]



 [fame area: your reputation, what you are famous or infamous for]



[relationships area: marriage, partnerships, the feminine, your mother]



 [elders (family) area: new beginnings, your ability to initiate your health]



[central task in hand area: health & balance, whatever happens here affects your entire business]



[children or creativity projects area: your children, conception, your ability to complete things]



 [knowledge and wisdom area: self-understanding, knowledge, learning, your spiritual life, self-awareness]



[career or start of day area: your life path, communication, social connections, wisdom]




[helpful people & travel area: benefactors, support network, the masculine, your father]


  1. This represents Career or the start of the day and should always be clear to open up possibilities.
  2. The Relationships area is suitable for brochures and details of people with whom you will come into contact in the course of your project.
  3. A plant here in the Elders area will help to freshen the air and symbolize longevity and stability.
  4. Accounts and deposit books should be placed here in the Wealth area, but not your cheque books, which represent money going out.
  5. Use this central area for the task in hand and then clear it away. Do not leave things to pile up here.
  6. The Helpful People area is the place for the telephone and address book.
  7. The Children or Projects position is ideal for putting the current project files.
  8. Knowledge and Wisdom – the place to store reference books.
  9. The Fame area and the Phoenix position. A crystal object here will denote the boundary of your desk and of the current project. Also, an uplifting image on the wall in front will represent future possibilities. It’s a great place for your “vision board” too!

Got some free time this week? Try re-arranging your desk as a fun experiment and see what happens to you!