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Buzz is…

Anything that creates excitement or stimulus.




Regardless of the tool or the medium, it’s all marketing. And, as you’ll see as you progress through our program, marketing is integral to each and every one of the 12 essentials for business success. Which is why “marketing” does not have its own portal.

As a general reminder, the purpose of all marketing is:

  1. to get and keep attention
  2. to establish and grow relationships
  3. to create awareness and increase the understanding of what you offer and why it matters.

If you want your marketing to be able to have any sort of impact and gain traction, you must master creating buzz. Preferably two-way buzz.

As with the multitude of opportunities for generating revenue, so too are there many ways to generate buzz. We’ll look at them all (eventually) and you’ll use your pre-defined strategy to make decisions about which methods to use depending on the resources (time, money, energy, knowledge) available to you.

POWER TIP: A good place to start is to make a master list of all the things you can imagine yourself doing to create excitement about your business, compel your ideal customer to take the desired action(s), and voluntarily champion your work, products and services.

We’ll be offering several tools to help you with this in the coming months and will make them available here for you. Thank you for your patience while I build the library for you! Please consider subscribing to SMARTSTART if you want to be first to know when new materials are published.

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