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Build a standout business without wasting money

WHAT will you tell your grandchildren when they ask, “What did you do in the greatest financial boom of the 21st century?”

Will you tell them you worked for someone else for the sake of collecting a steady salary? That you had a business dream, but didn’t believe in it or yourself enough to bring it to life? Or, will you describe the business empire you created by daring to follow your dreams?

You CAN be the future of business. And go from idea to income to icon. With SMARTSTART!

We see you! And yes, it can be completely overwhelming trying to build a business on your own. It seems like every day there’s a new training, free guide, or something else to look into about the next best thing.

SMARTSTART helps you simplify all that so you can get faster, better, and more amazing results than you ever dreamed possible.

Our Promise: You get everything you need from start to finish to go all in with complete confidence as you grow from idea to income to icon.


Discover the SMARTSTART difference!

Discover Your Genius

You are unique. And so are we. SMARTSTART is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Custom-tailored programs based on your current skills, experience, and abilities fill any gaps between where you are and where you want to take your business next.

Lead with Confidence

You won’t be following the crowd or falling for the latest popular trends in SMARTSTART. All of your critical decision making is backed by science.

Profit from Partnership

You won’t be working on your business alone. Our very own smartstartcoach — the guiding force behind some of the most awe-inspiring business success stories ever told online and offline — works right along with you throughout the program.


Build Your Dream

Why play safe when you can play powerful? You wouldn’t have a vision if you didn’t also have the corresponding gifts, talents and strengths to get your dreams done.

No recent lottery win or trust fund to draw on for building your business dream? Get expert assistance and subsidized support through SMARTSTART’s Philanthropy Program (if you qualify and are selected for sponsorship). We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs and experts with high potential.

Discover Your Genius and use it to choose strategies that support your dreams and business objectives while making the most of your unique gifts, talents, and strengths.


Grow Without Limits

Use strategic marketing to attract your perfect people with less effort and expense.

Forging strong human connection and sharing your message more effectively is the best way to meet marketing objectives. Creating meaningful conversations with clients and customers is priceless. Big or small, whether you’re starting from zero or elevating your current approach, SMARTSTART empowers you to do just that.

Get better results at the speed and in the way that’s best for you as you work on getting the results you want, but don’t have and changing the results you have, but don’t want.


Make Competition Irrelevant

Over 81,000 entrepreneurs around the world know the difference SMARTSTART makes.

Our business success accelerator and advisory programs help you go from idea to income to icon and leave a legacy as unique as you are.

And our philanthropy program gets you the expert professional help you need, at subsidized cost for those who qualify.

SMARTSTART’s Philanthropy Program

  • Under-capitalized? Get help building your business through SMARTSTART’s Philanthropy Program
  • Create custom-tailored plans and strategies for building your standout business with expert guidance at subsidized cost
  • Get the results you want, but don’t have and change the results you have, but don’t want sooner rather than later

Discover Your Genius Assessment

  • Discover your business genius by completing an online assessment
  • Get a Genius Profile Report that maps out your natural gifts and talents
  • Review your results with Linda to learn how to best use them in your business

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