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The peerless custom-tailored business success accelerator.

Refreshingly simple. Remarkably effective. Reassuringly expensive.

Since 2002, SMARTSTART has helped all kinds of entrepreneurs build an asset-based business and use strategic marketing to fuel hustle-free growth. You can do this too!

Money is limitless, but time is finite. That makes it critical for you to stop wasting time on useless guru and faux expert advice and choose to be where strategic thinking, data science and modern craft meet. Build your business dream without wasting money working with professional guidance in SMARTSTART. There are no limits to what you can accomplish with our expert help and support!

We live in a constantly changing world. Don’t spend another day pretending you’re keeping yourself safe by not going after a business dream. Stop struggling with trying to figure out what to focus on first, what to do next, and what not to do. Ever.

You really can build a bullet-proof business, market it successfully, and create unlimited income for yourself using data science, strategic thinking and modern craft. Regardless of economic conditions. SMARTSTART helps you with all of that! It’s simply the best way to take total control of your future!

Our Enlightened Business Leader Program dramatically improves your business results and life as it has done for entrepreneurs around the world for over 20 years. We created it intentionally so you can do work that matters, for people who care.


Be a Force for Good

I bet you’re somebody with an amazing business idea, service, product or coaching program! With a deep desire to help others and make an impact that brings positive change to the world. You might even aspire to being seen by others as a thought leader or person of influence in your space.

But, if your presence is near invisible and your marketing isn’t keeping your pipeline full with hungry prospects and happy clients, it’s likely because you haven’t been able to rise above the noise online.

Stop the Insanity

Tired of hearing crickets in response to your offers? Feeling sad watching everyone else crushing it online and thinking Dammit … Why not me?

Like most struggling business owners out there, I bet you’re fed up with:

  • working your butt off doing everything the “poo-rus” told you to do, but still feeling invisible online,
  • being in massive debt buying courses and masterminds with little-to-no revenue to show for it, and
  • risking burnout or your relationship with a significant other (or both) trying to make it all work!

You may even feel close to giving up on your dream! Or, if your business is a side hustle, fear you’ll have to keep a day job forever. You are not alone! And this does not have to be your story!

Make Competition Irrelevant

Whether you’re a high-level expert, thought leader or influencer, it’s not about lead generation anymore … it’s about DEMAND GENERATION.

And it’s critically important to your success to establish and maintain the right presence online to control audience perception and protect your positioning.

SMARTSTART helps you be outstanding in every way so you can build your dream business and master modern marketing without wasting money, while you rise to the top and make competition irrelevant.

Once you learn how to use this powerful, simple methodology to make the right business and marketing decisions for you, it becomes so much easier to #loveyourwork, #sellmorestuff and #keepmoremoney!

Rethink What’s Possible

SMARTSTART completely changes how you THINK about your business. And shows you exactly how to create more effective marketing to help you realize your full potential, experience independence, and become a visionary leader.

Whatever you choose to create and sell, with SMARTSTART you’ll know how to get the results you want, but don’t have and change the results you have, but don’t want.



Over 264,000 entrepreneurs know the difference SMARTSTART makes!

Build Your Dream

SMARTSTART is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a recursive methodology that changes how you think about your business. Our custom-tailored program and support is based on your current skills, experience and abilities. We start where you are and go as far as you want to go. And your results get better and better, each time you use it.

Lead with Confidence

There’s no following the crowd or falling for the latest useless trends in SMARTSTART. You focus work on core essentials. Implement as you learn. And all of your critical business decision making is backed by science.

Profit from Partnership

You won’t be working alone or with contractors. Our very own smartstartcoach — the guiding force behind some of the most awe-inspiring business success stories ever written — is with you every step of the way.

Every day there’s a new training, free guide, or something else to look into with the next best thing. Most contain stale or useless advice. And many are filled with … Really. BAD. Advice. But, sadly, it’s almost impossible for you to know that.

Until you’ve wasted many months and 10s of 1,000s of dollars getting nowhere with it. 🙁

Faux experts are a contagion. That’s why, in 2000 (yes, 22 years ago now!), I created SMARTSTART!

You want a proven path to business success … am I right?  You need to be seen, heard, and found online … yes?

You want to know the joy of putting your best work out into the world and making a lasting difference for others, and be respected by your clients as the professional (and possibly even the thought leader or influencer) you are … do you not?

And yet you yearn for less stress, anxiety and overwhelm, pray for more and better clients, and fantasize having a lot more money left after expenses just for you to play with than you have now … true?

Want Your Prospects to Choose YOU? Choose SMARTSTART!

When you’re a high-level expert, thought leader or influencer, it’s not about lead generation anymore … it’s about DEMAND generation.

And it’s critically important to your success to establish the right presence online and control audience perception and your positioning.

With SMARTSTART you say “goodbye” guesswork and “hello” success! Our repeatable, simple methodology changes how you think about your business and go about creating your “presence” marketing.

Use SMARTSTART on your own or in combination with any other business coaching program you’ve invested in to get the best results humanly possible for your business!

SMARTSTART is specifically designed to help experts, services providers, and entrepreneurs build a remarkable reputation, recognition, and revenue online and produce effective strategic marketing to maximize cash flow.

Create just exactly what you need with expert professional guidance every step of the way. Experience more amazing results than you ever dreamed could be achieved. And all while you learn how to make competition irrelevant! ♥ ♥ ♥

Yes! I am OBSESSED with helping visionary business owners and leaders control their destiny by creating an unlimited future filled with extraordinary growth, higher income, and an exceptional quality of life. Join me on an exhilarating journey of entrepreneurship fueled by smarter modern marketing to elevate your presence online.

SMARTSTART: Straight talk. Simple strategies. Stellar results.

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Build Your Dream

Why play safe when you can dominate your market with presence? You wouldn’t have a vision if you didn’t also have the corresponding gifts, talents and strengths to get your dreams done.

No recent lottery win or trust fund to draw on for building your business dream? Stop wasting money on useless poo-ru advice. Get expert professional guidance through SMARTSTART’s one-of-a-kind Business Success Accelerator Program.


Grow Without Limits

Master modern marketing and elevate your online presence to attract your perfect people and profitable opportunities with significantly less effort and expense.

Build strong human connections and share your marketing message more effectively; both are needed to establish yourself as a visionary business leader achieving your business goals.

Start from zero or elevate your current approach by creating more meaningful marketing conversations. Get the results you want, but don’t have. Change the results you have, but don’t want. SMARTSTART! 

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Live Your Dream

Our innovative methodology, business and digital marketing success accelerators, and expert advisory services help visionary leaders and unlimited thinkers go from idea to income to icon.

You leave SMARTSTART knowing exactly how to:

  1. create intentional positioning through your marketing,
  2. develop compelling offers, messaging and media campaigns, and
  3. build an online presence that leaves a legacy as unique as you are.

Need help? Get the expert guidance needed to join the 1% who succeed in digital business at subsidized cost through our innovative corporate sponsorship program! Learn more and apply here.

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Sara Oblak Speicher shares her SMARTSTART experience.

Anita Toth shares her SMARTSTART experience.

See What’s Possible

  • Build your dream business, master modern marketing and elevate your online presence to maximize cash flow
  • Experience the difference expert professional help makes through SMARTSTART’s Business Success Accelerator
  • Get the business results you want, but don’t have and change the results you have, but don’t want while making competition irrelevant

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