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Linda Lopeke

Hi! I’m Linda Lopeke.

I created SMARTSTART for you.

I’m committed to helping others control their destiny, create independence, and build an unlimited future for themselves through entrepreneurship.

I’ve been called a data nerd, a marketing geek, a shameless disruptor, and a visionary leader. And last week I learned I was being called a unicorn! But you can call me Linda! (And I also answer to smartstartcoach.)

Let me help you become the obvious choice and most trusted business leader in your field … by building an online presence that creates demand for everything “YOU” using strategic modern marketing!

Here’s My Backstory

I’ve created strategic marketing campaigns that convert off the charts for zero cost using data science and creative thinking for 50+ years. I’ve built paid advertising campaigns that outperform those sold to my clients by their ultra-expensive, but useless (former) marketing agencies too.

I used my SMARTSTART methodology to build a business of one (it’s just me here) capable of delivering $5.7M in professional services working just 3.5 days a week. It took less than two years after starting from zero to get there using science, strategy, and modern craft to launch, grow and scale my business and establish a respected presence online.

But, just to be clear, that was back in mid-2007. Things were different then.

If I used the same approach now, it would take me longer to repeat that achievement. Not because my SMARTSTART frameworks don’t work as well anymore, but rather because back in 2007 I didn’t have to deal with all of the noise and pollution of mediocrity and skepticism you must now overcome just to be seen, heard, found, known, liked and trusted by your market. Faux experts are a contagion online!

Here’s How I Can Help You

I’m obsessed with helping brilliant entrepreneurs create extraordinary growth, higher income, and an exceptional quality of life. And I also enjoy helping experts build remarkable reputations, recognition and revenue from their fields of mastery.

I’m strangely passionate about helping all of my clients build their businesses and presence online. But not just vanilla visibility; I’m here helping them establish their presence as visionary business leaders.

I’m fiercely focused on two specific things:

  1. using data science and strategic thinking to drive business and marketing decisions, and
  2. deploying strategic “presence” marketing campaigns to drive sales and maximize cash flow.

This is how I move the needle on a client’s business and online presence in ways they haven’t been able to do on their own. I’d love to help you move the needle on your business too. Sound good?


Who Am I to Tell You How to Build and Market Your Business?

I’ve spent my entire career deep in the world of systems engineering, customer experience design, and market research.

And I’ve been the secret guiding force behind many of the biggest business success stories ever told online and offline. You would instantly recognize the name of my most famous client and more than likely own one or more of his company’s products. His “presence” is legendary!

I not only designed and built SMARTSTART from an idea I had when lecturing aspiring entrepreneurs at the Queen’s School of Business 20 years ago, I also create its original content and do all of the creative presence marketing and social selling for it too.

I am an extreme introvert and a highly accomplished professional management consultant, author, educator and speaker who loves digging into how people think and helping clients triumph in the most seemingly hopeless and adverse situations. Elevating their online presence to market-dominating status is my jam.

I have the innate ability to think big picture and minute details at the exact same time. And perform equally well in visionary and integrator roles which works out really well for my clients.

Build Your Dream

I’ve dedicated my entire professional life to helping people just like you develop the courage, clarity and confidence to go after their crazy-ass dreams, no matter what they may be and take them as far as they want to go. (And, naturally, I’ve accomplished my own dreams too, so I know first-hand what that involves.)

In fact, over 263,000 entrepreneurs around the world, from all walks of life, are living their own uniquely personal definitions of success right now, both online and offline, because of SMARTSTART.

FACT: Better marketing and stronger presence maximizes cash flow in your business. Who doesn’t want more of that?

SMARTSTART is the perfect place to be for those who say “yes” to going after a business dream! My amazing clients are all in. They do not half-ass the work while expecting whole-ass results!

I’d love to show you how to create your future any way you want it to be, take control of your destiny, and achieve complete independence in your life through entrepreneurship. Helping you think differently about your business and potential as a visionary leader is my chosen path for leading the change I want to see in the world.


About My Clients

Here are just a handful of my 300 or so corporate clients you may recognize:

Smartstartcoach - Corporate Clients

But you don’t need to be a big company to work with me — I love helping entrepreneurial businesses and startups of all sizes, shapes and descriptions. You ARE the new economy! And many of you are under-playing yourselves as visionary business leaders. Ineffective marketing is holding you back from achieving your full potential and status in your industry!

Long Story Short

In 2000, I decided to do something to help you build a dream business faster by building your online presence through strategic marketing. Using my expertise in data science and systems engineering, I created a recursive methodology to help guide your thinking about business. You only have to learn it once and it delivers better and better results for you each time you use it.

And in 2002, I released SMARTSTART. Then, I tested it for 5 years before making it available to everyone online. But, I didn’t stop there. I also created an innovative philanthropy program to help make expert professional services and support more easily obtainable for you.

Our business accelerator, presence marketing clinics, and advisory programs  are for new and up-and-coming visionary business leaders and professionals who want to live and work by their own rules, enjoy unlimited success on their own terms, and who need to be able to confidently deal with the increasing demands and challenges of a growing business.

Does this sound like you?

The Harsh Reality

Did you know 90% of online startups fail in their first 120 days of business and only 1% of digital businesses ever make a dime? Often leaving their business owners with 6-figure debt and little-to-no revenue to pay it off?

Sobering, isn’t it? It’s a statistic not shared by those working overtime to sell you the illusion of effortless success that’s just one magic formula, two clicks and your credit card away. And it leaves me annoyed with them and concerned for you.

I HAD to do something about it. That’s why I created SMARTSTART.

The SMARTSTART Difference

Our unconventional business model and bespoke programming operate very differently from other options offered out there. For starters, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in SMARTSTART. All of our solutions are unique to you and your situation.

And while you are working in our program, you’ll have expert professional guidance every step of the way. You won’t be assigned to contract coaches and mentors in SMARTSTART. You’ll collaborate directly with me as you build your business and solidify your presence through strategic marketing.

(By the way, you can also use SMARTSTART to maximize the results you get from any other business coaching program you’ve invested in too. We fill the gaps not being addressed by others.)

Support to $500K

Plus, our innovative philanthropy program provides up to $500,000 in professional services and support without requiring you to give up any equity in your business. (I am not aware of any other expert or business coach who invests in your success in this manner or to this extent.)

Big or small, on average, our clients earn a minimum 10x return on their investment in working with SMARTSTART within 2-3 years of using strategic marketing after learning how to use our repeatable methodology. More importantly, they greatly reduce their risk of business failure.

At the start of the day it’s all about possibilities, but at the end of the day, it’s only about results!

Ready to experience the difference SMARTSTART makes? Check out what we offer regarding corporate sponsorship and apply.

If you make it into the program and then, after working with me for 30 days decide it’s not for you, you can leave with no hard feelings, no penalties applied, and no further payments required.