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Insider Secrets for Building a Better Brand

Whether you are a coach, consultant, freelancer or leading expert for hire or simply a new business owner getting ready to start selling your products and professional services online or offline, you are only as good as your customers say you are. That’s why you need to secure the future of your business by building an effective brand.

CUSTOMERS buy and recommend trusted brands. We show you how to make sure yours always speaks well of you and your business.


This beginner’s guide explains:

  • what you need to focus on to provide yourself with an income from your business
  • 4 benefits you’ll receive from building a strong brand
  • 5 things a brand is NOT [but you probably think it is]
  • what a brand really is
  • exercises for honing what your brand stands for
  • 4 paths to building a brand strategically
  • 5 success secrets for building a better brand
  • 3 most important words for differentiating yourself
  • 3 questions to ask before you begin working on building your brand
  • 3 critical questions that shape your decision making
  • 7 key criteria for a standout name
  • 10 key criteria for a standout logo
  • 5 things to test when evaluating product, logo and other designs
  • critical factors for effective web sites



NOTE: There are more branding tools and workbooks available; however, to build your core competency in this area you need the right mindset. That is why you must study the content in the beginner’s guide [Insider Secrets] first before we’ll offer you more program material.

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