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Within every brand is a product, but not every product is a brand. ~David Ogilvy

Whatever branding path you decide to follow, there are 5 secrets I can share with you that have the greatest impact on your results. The first is: Dare to be different.

Our brains are filters that protect us from processing too much information. We’re hardwired to notice what’s different. If you’re out there doing what every other information marketer or author is doing, in the same way they are doing it, you’ll be lost in the crowd and you won’t be able to compete effectively. At the end of the day, you’ll have put in a whole lot of work and effort and possibly expense, and you won’t get the return on your investment that you’d hoped for.

At SMARTSTART, we want you to design your brand strategy for success. If you’re just getting started, or even if you’re ready to refresh your brand, you’ll find excellent tips and additional professional guidance over at Big Brand System, a web site run by Pamela Wilson. You can rely on her professional advice completely and any investment you make in her products will be money well spent.

Meanwhile, a gentle reminder. The 3 most important words in differentiating yourself from the herd are:

FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS. You must be absolutely clear in your mind on 3 things before you can go any further with your branding:

WHO are you?

WHAT do you do?

WHY does it matter?

Take all the time you need to answer these questions for yourself. They are some of the most important questions you’ll ever answer for your business.