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Your brand is your promise to customers communicated in emotional shorthand.

Many studies have been undertaken to measure the influence of colour on customer behaviour. The findings are well and widely documented. As a result, we know how people respond subconsciously to colour and that certain colours communicate specific emotions.

The impact of colour on your target market should never be underestimated.

For example, from colour psychology research studies we know that women love blue, purple and green and hate orange, brown and grey. Similarly we know that men love blue, green and black and hate orange, brown and purple. When it comes to connecting with your target market, are you currently using this information to your advantage? If not, perhaps it’s time to consider making a change.

Here are two simple, positive actions you can take with your branding that automatically make a difference:

  1. By avoiding colours your target market doesn’t like and incorporating colours they respond to more favourably, you can improve the impact of your marketing.
  2. By using colour strategically in your marketing to communicate the key emotions represented by your brand (as shown below), you can create deeply meaningful connections to your brand.

Color Emotion Guide22 Psychology Of Color In Logo Design

An infographic by the team at The Logo Company