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Money is power at its most liquid. ~Mason Cooley

In addition to having relationships with people, you also have one with money.

Money is nothing more than a flow of energy. The better you understand how money works, the easier it is for you to attract in abundance. Kasey Claytor understands the emotional connections we have with money and the actions that must be taken to create financial security. Her beautiful map depicting the levels of money consciousness helps you unravel your financial world within a spiritual framework.

Simply start from where you are and work your way up as shown below. Notice at each stage there is specific emotional/ego-related work required to master before moving to the next level. Don’t rush the process!

For the interested, take Kasey’s money map quiz to confirm your current level of money consciousness.

Map of Money Consciousness | Levels of consciousness ...
Credit: Kasey Claytor

The Ten Levels

Level One Blame/Despair/Apathy
You find yourself in poverty, unemployed or underemployed, and see yourself as a victim on the stage of life.

Level Two Fear/Anxiety
You are more aware of your situation and have an idea that you should be able to do better, yet you have fear of the unknown, fear of taking chances, and anxiety over change.

Level Three Desire/Craving
At this level you are moving beyond apathy and debilitating fear, so desires naturally arise. Instead of sublimating the desires or withdrawing from them, you welcome desires into your awareness.

Level Four Anger/Aggression
Here there is a dramatic change, for you are becoming more aware of the part you play in your own life. At this level anger is felt, and it is the anger that provides energy to change your situation. The apathy is gone.

Level Five Courage/Optimism
There is a feeling of relief here. You feel great hope and inspiration. Budgeting is mastered. Better employment, a retirement plan, and a healthy curiosity about how money works is now part of the fabric of your life.

Level Six Satisfaction/Trust
At this level you are understandably satisfied. You are learning how to build financial security, maximize your earnings through saving and investing, and building good credit. You are careful with purchases and investments.

Level Seven Acceptance/Forgiveness/Giving
Now you’re are beginning to move to the other side of the bell curve. The people who have risen to this level are discovering how the economy really works.

Level Eight Wisdom/Abstraction/Reason
Wisdom is knowledge that has been internalized and has become a part of you. It is now innate. When this is achieved in regards to economics, you can successfully run scenarios of financial undertakings through your head, playing the “What will happen if…” game.

Level Nine Self-Actualization
You now understand the deeper meanings surrounding money and how emotions play such an integral role in your experience with it. A person at this level has mastered the emotional side of money.

Level Ten Illumination
Money becomes a natural means to support your purpose. As you go out into the world, money isn’t the focus at all. People flock to support you because of what you represent; hope, knowledge, and inspiration.