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It would be a shame if it happened to you (and it likely won’t if you read the Guru Proof book)!

But here’s how an online business goes straight to hell:

  • Believe every sales letter you read.
  • Build your web site before you build your business.
  • Create products for *everyone*.
  • Make your branding all about you.
  • Focus on quantity [not quality, value or service].
  • Practice indifference [or lie] to customers.
  • Become expert at grovelling for gurus.
  • Take the money and run.
  • Ignore basic principles of accounting and tax planning.

Nuff said?

PS The first secret code to unlock a preview of the new book, Guru Proof: How to spot faux experts before they kill your business dreams will soon be here. The book is coming out in the Fall 2021. But you can get the code to read some it sooner in the SMARTSTART Insider monthly newsletter. Not a subscriber? Fix that here.

A sample of what’s covered in the Guru Proof book:

Here are a few of the themes from the work in progress. So you can have a sense of what’s coming:

  • How to Spot Guru Scams and Faux Experts
  • Willful Ignorance of the G-spot
  • The Cult of Cha-ching
  • Persuasion Porn
  • Bad Bromance
  • The Money Chasers
  • Lords of the Lies
  • Girls Just Want to Have Funds
  • Send in the Clones
  • Dick Funnels
  • Six-Figure Flogging
  • Million Dollar Maniacs
  • The Pandemic of Plagiarists
  • Social Lubrication
  • The Long Con
  • Social Proof that Isn’t