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Social media is just a tool. You need face-to-face interaction for long-term impact.

Many of you stress over not having large numbers of followers or comments in response to your work online. I get that. However, these numbers are not reliable indicators of the strength of your relationships. Or of your influence in a given industry or social media channel. They are simply vanity metrics.

Last year Forbes published an article by Michael Simmons discussing interesting research findings from studies in network science that turn traditional relationship building on its head.

Racing to build the most connections in social media is not an effective way to build your network!

And the single best strategy is one almost no one talks about. Especially those who advocate using social media to build your business, grow your list, and attract customers. When (in fact) it is an extremely ineffective tool for driving sales.

Learn more reading Why Being The Most Connected Is A Vanity Metric. It helps you think differently about the value of chasing social media connections.