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Having a love/hate relationship with email?

I’m all for taking back control of your inbox. (Aren’t we all?)

I have 8,117 messages waiting in my inbox as of this morning. Some are my own fault for slacking off on the filtering of the many subscriptions I maintain. And also from not unsubscribing from outdated accounts and relationships. So I was quite excited to learn of this new tool at Not only does it scan and inventory all my subscriptions, it makes managing them easy and streamlines my review of the ones I read regularly on behalf of the SMARTSTART community.

You might want to give it a try yourself.

Take a guess how many subscriptions you have right now. I was way off on my own estimate (guessing 60 or so). In my personal account alone it turns out there are 154!

Now I do realize those of you who check out for yourselves may decide to use it to unroll from SMARTSTART. It’s a risk I’m willing to take to share this wonderful tool with you.

I will miss you if you go. While recovering from catastrophic injuries sustained in that near-fatal head-on collision I was in back in 2009, I’ve have reviewed all the individual names on our list many times. Your being on my list gives me a reason to keep working on my rehabilitation. And to never give up hope. (I’ve wanted to quit thousands of times.)

I’m sharing this email management tool with you as a sign that, while I may be broken, I can still be brave. Thank you all for supporting and participating in the SMARTSTART community! I wish you the best success always!