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Get Your 2016 Social Media Planning Calendar ABSOLUTELY FREE!

SMARTSTART Social Media Calendar


This “must have” planning tool helps you organize social media activities for the entire year to better communicate your marketing message. When completed, you’ll know exactly what topics and themes you’ll cover, which social media channels you’ll post content to and when, and how your social media efforts fit in with and support all the other marketing and promotional activities you’ll undertake.

It’s also a great tool for ensuring content published in social media can be efficiently created, shared, tracked and managed. Try it for free now and experience the difference it makes in your social media marketing!

What’s included in this Excel template:

  • a worksheet for tracking your online and offline marketing activities by month
  • a worksheet for setting social media marketing objectives and tracking monthly statistics/performance metrics
  • 2 worksheets for tracking key contacts as well as groups and forums where you’ll promote your content
  • a worksheet serving as your master content repository where you’ll put the links to your article and blog posts
  • monthly worksheets for planning editorial content, including where and when to publish it in social media
  • reference links where you can check special days for the month that could be used for pre-planned promotions

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Participating regularly in social media is important for today’s business owner, but not for reasons you might think. Most of what you need to succeed in business has nothing at all to do with social media. It’s just another platform for sharing your marketing message.

Regardless of how many or how few social networks you choose to participate in, you must deliver a consistent, targeted message and create an authentic, credible persona. This requires developing new skills, becoming familiar with a variety of communication cultures, and being ruthlessly disciplined to ensure you remain productive in this addictive playground.

Three keys to your success are:

  1. knowing your best options [where, who, what, why, when and how],
  2. understanding the real message you want to communicate or share with others, and
  3. staying powerfully human.

Participating in social media best serves your short- and long-term business interests and objectives when you are 100% clear on what they are. Only then are you ready to explore your options for going naked online. Before baring all, invest the time and thought needed to plan your communication strategy in advance rather than randomly shouting out in all directions and hoping someone/anyone will hear you and respond.

We provide a variety of tools and additional resources to help you including:

  • a social media planning [editorial] calendar
  • step-by-step guides for using social media effectively and
  • other resources, recommended reading, and role models you can check out.

SMARTSTART Guide | Social Media




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Social media. Tool or tyrant? You decide. SMARTSTART helps you better understand how to master new media.

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