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The 50-30-20 diet is the solution for that!

You won’t need to look in a mirror to find out if you need to be on the diet; a quick review of your posting habits tells all.

Let’s get right down to the skinny on this one. Are you guilty of overindulging in any of the following behaviours in your social media conversations?

  1. posting only about yourself and/or your business, products and services
  2. talking in a manner likely to be perceived as offensive, negative or edgy
  3. being too obscure, narrow-niched, or unilaterally boring
  4. appearing desperate and insecure by constantly asking for likes and retweets

Like beauty, fat is in the eye of the beholder. Or in this case, audience.

If you need to take remedial action here’s a proven, 3-step diet formula that influences social media marketing success. It’s all about maintaining a healthy 50-30-20 balance by posting:

  1. 50% curated content*
  2. 30% original content
  3. 20% promotional content**

*Curated content is valuable and interesting content produced by others that you find, consume, like and share by reposting or repurposing it for the benefit of your audience. (Selflessly promoting the great work of others is an excellent business building strategy by the way. Everyone wins when you do more of it!)

**Promotional content is content that is directly self-serving.

Of course, if you are using social media effectively — as a relationship building tool — my bet is you’re already following the 50-30-20 diet as your natural way of being in the digital workspace. Carry on talking!