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SMARTSTART PricingHow to Know What to Charge for What You Sell

EVERYONE struggles with pricing and a many make costly mistakes with it. But YOU don’t have to!

Learn easy-to-use formulas for determining what to charge for your products, programs and professional services. Find out how different pricing models work as well as when to use them in your business. Includes how to have that all-important conversation about price with your toughest customers and deal with all those extras they want.

This beginner’s guide explains:

  • 5 “low rate” lies you tell yourself that cost you money
  • 6 pricing mistakes almost everybody makes
  • 5 frequently forgotten factors critical to right pricing
  • why pricing products is different from pricing services
  • how to choose and apply pricing models and formulas
  • how factors like skill, experience & work/life balance affect pricing
  • 11 ways physical and emotional factors change pricing
  • 39 things your hourly rate has to cover
  • 3 types of clients that require charging a higher price
  • 2 reliable tests that tell you if your price is right
  • 3 things you must consider before adjusting price
  • how to calculate hourly, baseline and standard rates
  • how to determine your billable to non-billable ratio
  • how to find out what other people are charging
  • how to talk to clients about your rates
  • how to handle toxic and problem clients
  • what to say when faced with low-balling clients
  • whether or not to publish your rates and prices
  • how to know when to fire a client
  • how to use your base rate as a guide to outsourcing
  • and more…

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