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Design is about making tradeoffs.






Design affects all aspects of a business. When it comes to your web site, for example, every design decision you’ll ever make involves tradeoffs, whether it’s finding space for all your icons on the navigation bar, picking the optimal balance of font size and information density, or deciding how to best use limited space for buttons on a sales page. Leave nothing to chance; do only by conscious, purposeful design.

Good just isn’t good enough.

Great design adds value faster than it adds cost. That’s what makes it so important. Nothing matters more to your success — whether it’s a business model, coaching program, web site, ebook, or a hot new service or product — than good design. However, good design will only take you so far which is why you must aspire to producing great design for your business to have the best chance to succeed.

Great design is that indescribable quality that certain incredibly successful products and web sites have that makes people fall in love with them despite their flaws. It’s extremely hard to pull off, but not impossible if you follow a few key guiding principles which we’ll share with you throughout our program.

POWER TIP: Before designing anything, make a list of what you want to communicate about you and your business. Design speaks for and about you; knowing what you want to say is the first step to great design.

We’ll be offering several tools to help you with this in the coming months and will make them available here for you. Thank you for your patience while I build the library for you! Please consider subscribing to SMARTSTART if you want to be first to know when new materials are published.

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