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Ever wonder how to run marketing experiments to test which methods perform best for meeting your business objectives? Here’s how we run marketing experiments in SMARTSTART. (I use the process I learned from Noah Kagan.) You can do this for your business too!

How to run marketing experiments

1. Set an exact 90-day goal for where you want to be with your marketing.

2. Have a clear target client/customer avatar and know the specific problem you solve for them.

3. List 10 strategies for achieving your goal using estimations for each possible option.

4. Order the list based on which strategy will have the largest impact towards your goal within 90 days.

5. Do your first activity on the list for 9 days.

6. Record how this activity performed toward your goal every day.

7. On Day 10, spend 80% of your time doing a new marketing activity and 20% doing the previous week’s activity for 9 more days.

8. On Day 18 (end of day), evaluate which of the 2 options got you closer to your 90-day goal.

9. Spend 80% on the most effective activity and 20% on item #3 on your strategy list. Stop doing whichever of the first 2 activities was least effective.

10. Repeat this process for 90 days and hit your goal.

If desired, you can repeat this process quarterly to provide four opportunities to improve your marketing effectiveness each year. Easy peasy.