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Don’t let paper clutter become your natural habitat.

Another year-end task I like to be on top of is making sure everything is in order for preparing the corporate taxes. I do have systems in place for collecting and categorizing all of our receipts. Fortunately, there aren’t really so many to deal with that it becomes an enormous administrative nightmare.

Your situation, however, might be different and there is a great tool available to help you eliminate all that paper clutter from your life.

Shoeboxed is an essential time-saver for any-sized business really. It works the way you do: phone, email, snail mail, browser, computer and improves the tools you might already be using: Wave Accounting, HP, Evernote, Xero Add-On, or Quickbooks.

Give yourself the gift of at least checking it out. It has changed the lives of many in the SMARTSTART Community! You’ll never stress out at tax time again. (You’re welcome.)