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Some clients are just not worth having for any amount of money. Period.

I know you want to give your best to your clients. But sometimes the relationship just sucks and you have to let them go. If you’ve ever worked with a client from hell, you have first-hand experience that the stress they impose on you is not worth anything you might be paid.

That is, if you are even paid anything at all.

Now, when you meet such a client — or worse, find yourself taking them on over and over again — you might be tempted to think you are the only business owner this is happening to.

But nothing could be further from the truth! Visit the Clients From Hell web site and read a few real-life situations posted by people just like you. You’ll start to feel better immediately, I promise.

Better yet, if you are new to working with clients, visit this site regularly as an investment in your professional development. You’ll learn how to recognize a client from hell quickly and it will help you understand why you really must just say no when approached by one.

Fair Warning: This website is completely addictive but so worth the time and education!