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GURU PROOF: How to Spot Faux Experts Before They Kill Your Business Dreams! It’s coming out this Fall from SMARTSTART.

But you can get the secret passwords that unlock sample chapters over the summer. So you can read them before the book is even published! For early access, simply subscribe to our monthly newsletter [SMARTSTART] Insider*.

Reading Guru Proof can save you tens of thousands of dollars!

Knowing how to tell a real expert from a fake one is key. That is how you reduce your risk of being exploited. And it means you can stop wasting time and money investing in coaches, courses and masterminds that don’t move your business idea forward.

What’s covered in Guru Proof

Here are a few of the themes from the work in progress. So you can have a sense of what’s coming:

  • Willful Ignorance of the G-spot
  • The Cult of Ca-ching
  • Persuasion Porn
  • Bad Bromance
  • The Money Chasers
  • Lords of the Lies
  • Girls Just Want to Have Funds
  • Send in the Clones
  • Funnel Fantasia
  • Six-Figure Flogging
  • Million Dollar Mania
  • The Plague of Plagiarists
  • Social Lubrication
  • The Long Con
  • Crash and Burn
  • Crippling Comparanoia

Why we’re writing Guru Proof

There’s a contagion of faux experts out there happy to take your money. But, no matter how well it’s packaged, bullshit is still bullshit.

So don’t be fooled. Get schooled!


The [SMARTSTART] Insider newsletter arrives in your inbox on the first Sunday of each month. The June edition has the backstory for the GURU PROOF project.

The first secret code for reading a completed chapter is in the July edition of the newsletter. In August, a second secret code for a different sample chapter will be added. And a third secret code can be found in the September edition.

Also, there’s a “big surprise” planned for the October newsletter! As a subscriber, you’ll know about it before anyone else! 🙂

Guru Proof by SMARTSTART

The Seven Freedoms of Entrepreneurship

You can enjoy seven freedoms of independence through entrepreneurship. And, for many, they are what drives choosing to start a business over traditional employment.

The problem is there are too many fake experts online preying on the vulnerable looking for help in building a successful business. Sadly, you can spend way more money on them than you can afford. And yet, still come up empty. So clearly this has to stop!

How close are you to enjoying the seven freedoms of entrepreneurship as a result of investing in gurus?

1. Freedom of choice
2. Freedom of creative control
3. Freedom from work
4. Freedom from financial scarcity and constraint
5. Freedom from influence and expectation
6. Freedom from hope and dependence
7. Freedom from ordinary and routine

Are you still a long way from business success? Despite doing all the things? You are not alone. And the good news is that’s exactly why I’m writing this book for you. 🙂

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