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You must know how to grow revenue in any economy if your business is to succeed long term.

Most businesses set revenue goals as a key measure of success. Successful ones know how much that translates to quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. And their marketing is strategically aligned and well timed to hit the goal.

(Not sure what that means for you? Let’s talk so you can start redirecting your revenue growth!)

Typically, small businesses often don’t have a lot of cash on hand to keep going when things get ugly and start cutting into revenue. So they must pay even closer attention to a changing economy and environment to remain competitive and viable.

More Ways to Grow Revenue in Any Economy

Here are two more ways to grow revenue in any economy:

  1. IMPROVE REVENUE PERFORMANCE: Understand how clients/customers perceive value and align prices, placement and availability to each customer segment to optimize revenue. (This perception changes radically in a recession.)
  2. DRIVE VALUE THROUGH INNOVATION: Keep ideas and creativity constantly flowing. Rethink your products, services and processes. Change client/customer mix, business development and marketing strategies and how you work with others and manage your business.

“The ability to innovate is the one core competency every business must have.” — Peter Drucker

Remember, there’s no Plan B for your A Game when you play all in to win.