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Travel brings power and love into your life and business.

Travelling to events, conferences, speaking engagements or taking a vacation anytime soon? Planning what to pack is easy when you use the free app Packpoint and your smartphone.

I hate waiting for checked luggage and only travel with carry-on baggage. Which means I’m always looking for ways to simplify planning what to pack for the road.

And even though I’ve cut back on business travel significantly, many of our SMARTSTARTers are in the early stages of business development and are travelling frequently working with clients and learning, networking, and speaking all over the world at industry events. Hence my excitement over this stress-busting organizing app designed for everyone who wants to travel smarter.

Just enter your gender, destination and the dates and length of your stay, then tell PackPoint what activities you’ll be doing during your trip. It searches for the weather forecast and gives you a list of things you might need to support work and play that you can customize.

(There’s also a Premium version that lets you create your own lists and activities and syncs that data with other apps like TripIt or Evernote. And, Sheraton Hotels is currently sponsoring the upgrade for you too.)

Check it out and start making the best use of all your travel!

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

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