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Interactive content improves bounce rates and promotes content sharing.

Instead of producing more content, why not focus on creating dynamic content to share with your readers and followers? That’s what I thought when I looked at this collection of 7 easy-to-use tools for creating interactive content published by HubSpot last year.

Looking for ways to promote more audience interaction with your content? Read their post for details and real-life examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Tools for creating interactive content

  1. is a platform for sharing interactive guides to create a rich multi-media experience for your readers.
  2. ThingLinkThingLink lets you bring photos and videos to life. You can add multiple engagement points using media links activated by a mouseover.
  3. CerosCeros has the tools for creating high quality, interactive catalogues, lookbooks, magazines, infographics, nanosites and ebooks without having to rely on developers.
  4. ContentToolsContentTools helps your business create leads, drive website traffic, and increase social engagement through fun activities like quizzes, polls, contest giveaways and competitions.
  5. BrackifyBrackify drives content sharing and repeat site visits using a tournament format not limited to sports.
  6. ZaptionZaption is an interactive video tool that prompts learners with clarifying questions throughout an educational/training video.
  7. SnapAppSnapApp is an interactive content platform that lets you create and analyze nine different types of interactive content assets. These include: assessments, calculators, test and quizzes, polls and surveys, interactive reports and infographics, contests and sweepstakes, brackets and galleries.

These tools might require some investment but they can deliver a competitive advantage. Their potential is worth investigating. The possibilities are endless.

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

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