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Social media are more about sociology and psychology than technology. – Brian Solis

Techworm recently published an article titled 5 Must-Have Tools for Protecting Your Social Media Accounts. I confess this is an area I hadn’t given much thought. Likely because I see social media as more of a liability than an asset to most business owners.

It’s not a territory you own or control which means you must be prepared to lose everything you’ve ever invested in social media with no warning or explanation. And too many people spend fruitless hours each day on it lying to themselves about how hard they are working on their businesses.

Then there are also the hard hits to your self-esteem when everyone but you seems to be popular and doing well in social media channels (vanity metrics notwithstanding). While you are putting out all this content nobody responds to or even sees. Not to mention the money spent on social media marketing activities and advertising that yields no positive bottom-line results.

Let’s just say the social media game is a bit of a crap shoot. And a fast way to put your business into the red — a place you do not want to be!

I’m not saying there’s no role for social media in building your business. There is. It’s just not the role you’re constantly being sold and are falling victim to.

Still, I did think about the Techworm piece. I decided consideration should be paid to the tools noted in it if for no other reason than to be responsible about protecting any assets you are sharing in social media channels from hackers. The news attests to the growing popularity of this pastime, thus increasing the risk it could happen to you.

In fact, it’s probably less “if” and more likely “when”. Hacking is painfully disruptive. If you are unprepared, the consequences can be devastating.

The tools listed in the Techworm piece include:

  • LastPass
  • LogDog
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • AVG PrivacyFix
  • (formerly SocialSafe)

You can check them out and read more about how they help protect your social media accounts here.

I was not familiar with any of these tools prior to reading the article and haven’t used any of them myself yet. But that doesn’t mean one or a combination of them won’t be useful for your specific business or situation. 🙂

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

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