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Even when you outsource design, you still need to be able to speak the language.

There are many things that go into the design of a web site you don’t need to be an expert on. You can always hire a designer to build a web site for you. However, it is in your best interest to know how to speak the language.

Here are 10 digital design terms web site owners should know. If you aren’t familiar with them, and many web site owners are not, the good people over at Design Shack explain them all for you here.

  1. RGB and HEX
  2. Mouseover
  3. Dither
  4. CSS
  5. Metadata and Meta Tags
  6. Favicon
  7. Fixed Width vs Fluid vs Responsive Layout
  8. Resolution
  9. UI vs UX
  10. Skeuomorphism vs Flat

How many did you know and get right? (#10 was new to me!)