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Your life’s work requires expanding your awareness.

Working for yourself is harder than working for anyone else.

You think you’re doing it for the freedom, then find you are less free than ever. You tell people you’re pursuing your life’s mission, but many of you wonder if you’ve lost sight of what that really is.

So here’s a lovingly shared reminder.

Your life’s mission is not to make a lot of money (although that may be an entirely achievable goal); your life’s mission is to love yourself – to learn to love what you have, create what you love and love what you create. And it all starts with learning to love “what is”.

When we talk about expanding awareness, it means expanding the vision you hold of yourself and for your life until what you have before you is the greatest possible vision of who you are.

Sadly, many are disconnected from seeing their true potential. They have stopped loving themselves.

Without loving yourself, you cannot hope to become all you can possible be. And you cannot give of yourself to others until you’ve mastered how to give to yourself first.

We all carry our individual burdens of self-loathing, perhaps even self-hatred. Love yourself enough to let these go.

We also carry burdens of judgement of people we expected to think or behave differently. Love yourself enough to forgive others.

We need strong, reliable physical and mental health to run our businesses. Love yourself enough to feed and exercise your body with care and intelligence.

We require open hearts to share the gifts of our talents and the work we create with others. Love yourself enough to nourish your soul so it can support your heart’s intentions, commit to its decisions, and take the actions that serve your highest self.

We must engage in constant learning to keep our businesses viable and strong. Love yourself enough to invest in growing your knowledge and honing your expertise.

We all deserve to experience joy and relaxation as well as the satisfaction of hard work and full benefits of success. Love yourself enough to release stress, rest when you need time to recover and rejuvenate, and celebrate your achievements and the contributions of those who made them possible.

Deep inside you are all the hidden keys to your success. But before you can access riches from your external world, you must first use them internally to unlock the doors of self-love, self-respect and self-appreciation. Then you are most definitely assured of having a foundation solid enough to support the realization of your full potential in both your life and your business.