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Don’t work harder on things that are producing less than stellar results.

Instead, concentrate on finding the areas of your business that have the greatest potential for growth and put your best efforts there. I know this may seem counter-intuitive but more likely than not it is your best choice.

When you’re under pressure to create more revenue it can keep you from seeing opportunities in places you aren’t conditioned to look for growth. And sometimes it blinds you to seeing that doing more of what’s not working isn’t the answer to overcoming a cashflow crunch.

What you may not realize is you are often not the best person to find the areas with the greatest potential for growth. You tell yourself you can’t afford to work with an expert because of the expense. When, in truth, you can’t afford to not get outside professional help when your financial needles aren’t moving where you need them to go.

The cost of doing nothing is more expensive than you think.

Whereas, a small investment in hiring an expert to help you find the opportunities you can’t see pays off quickly because s/he can not only show you where you can tap in, an expert can usually also show you how to do so faster, more easily and more profitably than you could figure out on your own.

Your time is worth money. Whenever you can shorten your learning curve and improve your results by hiring expert advice when you need it what are you waiting for? Think about it.

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

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