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The truth about distraction is a mystery to many!

What if the reason you give in to distractions isn’t what you think? (I recently met this eye-opening truth in myself.) The way we talk about distraction has changed a lot in recent years. Especially digital distraction.

Digital Distraction

We see what the big players are doing. And know they mine our attention for profit.

We say we want focus on work. And be more present with our loved ones. But then we can’t seem to stop the mindless scrolling.

So we try setting personal rules. And wear noise-cancelling headphones. We even install web-blocking apps. And then find they don’t work very well.

It’s so frustrating! Because we wonder what’s really going on here?

Listen up as I share Oliver Burkeman’s insightful explanation from The Imperfectionist* in:

BUSINESS GENIUS | Episode 405: The Truth About Distraction (00:06:55)

*Episode credit goes to Oliver Burkeman. I recommend subscribing to The Imperfectionist. It’s his semi-monthly email on productivity, mortality, and the power of limits. It helps us build a meaningful life in an age of bewilderment. Get it here!

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