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Not thrilled with your business results to date? Wondering how you can go from zero to small business hero in 90 days  when the majority of online businesses fail in 4 months or less?

When the pressure is on, you don’t rise to the occasion — you fall to your highest level of preparation.

As business owners, we are all on journeys of transformation and can serve as catalysts and role models for others on similar paths.

In pursuing our personal journeys, we quickly learn transformation is not achieved without also experiencing some discomfort, disappointment, and even real pain. That is what serves our growth and prepares us for becoming stronger mentally so we can emerge unstoppable, unshakeable, unstuck, and more.

Did you know only 20% of aspiring entrepreneurs actually take action toward achieving their business dreams while the rest talk on and on but do nothing to make them happen? Or that it’s been reported just 1% of those who do take action experience success?

Be honest. Are you happy working as hard as you are while not getting ahead as fast as you’d like?

Helping you better understand what needs to be done, when (and how) to move your business forward is just one aspect of what we do in SMARTSTART. And, there are several key differences that separate our high-achieving members from other entrepreneurs.

For example, they:

  1. Are highly self-aware or are working on becoming more so.
  2. Refuse to compromise their core values and are true to themselves.
  3. Hold a powerful vision and have a purpose-driven mission.
  4. Target a specific market, effectively communicate their marketing message, and make offer(s) that fit their core values.
  5. Serve that market with excellence, not ego.
  6. Develop powerful success habits, self-discipline, and master the biology and chemistry of success.
  7. Take small daily actions that move them toward achieving their goals and accept full responsibility for their results.
  8. Are patient with themselves and generous in supporting the great work of others, including competitors.
  9. Are committed to investing in their self-development, education, and continuous improvement.

You might just be getting started in any (or all) of these areas. And, consequently, might find yourself struggling or unclear about what’s ahead and how to best go about making your business dreams reality. That’s perfectly ok! In fact, it makes you a great candidate for our latest programs.

SMARTSTART’s new 20:1 Tough Love Tutorials  are specifically designed to get you into the 1% who succeed in business faster. Simply by being honest about what you have to learn and do to get there. No bullshit. No flavour-of-the-month. No coddling.

(It’s called Tough Love  for a reason!)

Each 20:1 Tough Love Tutorial covers one topic or essential skill in 20 minutes or less. Watch only what interests you, on demand. Join us and try a few snack-sized sessions at no cost; decide later if you want to invest in the entire series.

First up? Learn how to Get Paid, Not Played. The truth is there will always be someone who doesn’t see your value.

20:1 Tough Love Tutorial - Get Paid, Not Played


This first tutorial is for coaches, consultants, services professionals and freelancers who want to improve their bottom line sooner rather than later. It was voted in by our current SMARTSTART members who chose it as the most beneficial skill to learn if you want to start strong and last long.

Interested? But don’t want to join our SMARTSTART Insider community and take advantage of the best free expert advice available online to help you build a better business faster?

No problem. You can “like” or “follow” our Facebook Page to learn when and how you can test drive a 20:1 Tough Love Tutorial  and experience SMARTSTART for yourself – no obligation, no pressure. Just the same straight talk and simple strategies our SMARTSTARTers use every day to get stellar results and make competition irrelevant.

Don’t leave success to chance. Over 265,000 entrepreneurs know the difference SMARTSTART makes. Be one of them. #getmoreclients #sellmorestuff #keepmoremoney #loveyourwork #liveyourdream