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Einstein. Possibly the most misquoted figure in history! Do you put your reputation and credibility at risk by using misattributed (or unattributed) quotes in your marketing, presentations and social media?

There are so many things you probably think Einstein said (because these quotes are everywhere on the internet) that he never did!

Such as the quote attributed to Einstein …

  • that is as fake as most celebrity weddings …
  • which is one of the most over-used clichés of all time …
  • made famous in thousands of memes featuring Einstein  that actually was taken from two books published in 1983 (28 years after he our pal Al died) …

Are you guilty of giving Einstein credit for things he never actually said in quotes you share on the internet? Find out here:

BUSINESS GENIUS | Episode 403: Things Einstein Never Said (and who actually did) (00:06:22)

NOTE Credit for this episode’s content belongs to news junkie and history buff Kathy Copeland Padden. See her article on Medium. Thank you, Kathy!

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