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It’s difficult to make progress when you are not clear on who you are and what’s important to you.

Take the most insightful assessments on the web today. They are free, fun, instinctive and clever.

Visual DNA Tests are quite a bit different from other personality assessments in that you answer questions by selecting an image that best represents you at this time. Once you’ve completed the test, your assessment results are available immediately — no email address or fee required.

The Visual DNA Personality Test is a free online assessment quiz for gaining more insight into what drives you. It helps you explore different areas of your personality, your mindset, attitudes towards money, relationships and so much more. The quiz will help answer your questions about what makes you tick, what you do brilliantly or what you could do better.

(My test determined I am an Energizer.)

The Who Am I? Assessment is the most advanced personality test VisualDNA offers. Drawing on the five factor theory of personality, it will help you understand how open you are to new experiences, your level of contentiousness, extraversion, agreeableness or neuroticism.

This test helps you understand how the combination of these characteristics impacts your behaviour, from your taste in movies to your self-control under stress. From there you can learn how to get more from your interactions with other people by exploring the recurring patterns in your life.

(My test determined I am a cool-headed, helpful person who is relaxed, clear and composed when under stress and a creator and achiever who is humble, methodical, progressive and resilient. Who knew?)

But who cares about me… Find out something new about yourself by taking one or both of these tests! It really was fun.