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Choices can be conscious or unconscious.

There are only 3 ways to change the trajectory of our lives: crisis, chance, and choice.

Realistically, there will be many times in your business when things won’t go quite as expected. There’s a natural tendency in such a situation is to point the finger of blame anywhere but at ourselves. At others, at circumstances, even at God (or a lack thereof).

You must train yourself to rigorously fight that tendency. Giving into it creates a number of problems guaranteed to hold your business back. Quite simply, this is because:

  1. You don’t fool anybody. (And if you think you do you’ll quickly be exposed as a fool.)
  2. You miss what might just be one your greatest learning opportunities. (The fastest progress is found in making mistakes.)
  3. You transfer your power over the situation to the person (or circumstances) you blame for it. (Claim back your power by taking full responsibility.)

The optimal place to view your business experiences is always from the point of personal responsibility — from above the line. When you look at things from that perspective you are rewarded with optimal control, direction and command over your business.

Let your free will guide your choices, decisions and actions. As you grow from practicing this habit so will your wisdom, and from that, your business.