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How social media channels generate revenue from your business.

I’m of the opinion that if you intend to use social media as a primary marketing and/or community-building tool, it’s in your best interest to understand the many ways social media generate revenue from your efforts.

There’s much industry hype about social media marketing yet you rarely hear the whole story — you know the not-so-sexy stuff like costs and risks that might cause you to challenge the wisdom of exclusively following this trend and ignore the many other proven (and more stable) marketing options.

Don’t spend all your time, energy and money investing in social media — something you do not own or control.

This 30-minute video by Laurel Papworth explains what’s going on behind the scenes with respect to the monetization of your investment in social media. After watching it, you may decide to continue with social media marketing and advertising. There’s nothing wrong with that when you are making an informed, conscious choice. Hopefully, Laurel’s presentation will help you better understand how to make it work for you while minimizing cost and risk.