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It’s not just about how you see the world, it’s also about how the world sees you.

Nobody really wants to be boring. Wouldn’t you rather be fascinating?

Our ability to fascinate starts with understanding how we blend two of the seven personality triggers in a way that sparks the intense interest of those around us.

Sally Hogshead is leading the “science of fascination” movement. She developed the 7 Personality Triggers based on over five years of proprietary research on fascination, including the first-ever marketing research study specifically about how people and brands become more fascinating, conducted by Kelton Research.

The 7 triggers of fascination add value to your relationships with others in the following ways:


Which is your primary trigger? (Knowing your triggers reveals your unique strengths.)

For $37, in just a few steps, you can learn your triggers and get a comprehensive Fascination Advantage Report by taking the Fascination Advantage Test – a questionnaire used to learn more about you and build your customized report.

If you aren’t ready to take the paid assessment just yet, or already know your primary personality triggers, you can click on the links below to learn more about how you can fascinate others using: