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Finally! A way to access all your tasks from one place.

Troy Davis (@troyd) and Jordan Isip (@fixie) want you to meet Taco, a wonderful tool for putting all your tasks in one place, regardless of the application you’re using to manage them. Prepare to fall in love.

Their manifesto explains all:

Taco is all about helping you be more productive by staying focused. How? Well, as Segal’s Law says, “A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.” And there’s many tasks but only one you.

When multiple tasks, projects, and issue trackers all compete for your attention, it’s easy to spend time switching between hot issues or doing work that, while approachable, isn’t the most important. We’ve all been there — suddenly the morning is gone and despite working hard, it doesn’t feel like we’ve made much progress.

Taco is a single place to see – better, to intentionally decide and to finish – what’s really important. Keep using existing task lists and ticketing systems just like you do today. As you’re diving into work with coffee and a bagel, stop by Taco to choose the handful of things you’ll get done. Even print a copy or email yourself if it helps.

Feeling a bit distracted later in the day? We’ve been there too. Easy enough: work on the task you put first and have confidence that this really is most important. There’s only one you, so ignore everything else and settle into the groove. We can’t promise you’ll get everything done, merely that the effort will be well spent.

With everything in one place, the urgent stuff happens fast, the important items fall into place, no time is wasted being mired, and no projects or stakeholders get starved. Making real progress just means working through the list, one by one. Simplicity usually wins.

And focus itself can be engaging. Visiting Taco injects a bit of Japanese shibui – let’s call it serenity – throughout the day. Pick the work environment or color that feels right for the moment, even leave it open in a browser tab or spare monitor.

Taco means productivity by making focus fun. Heck, even our manifesto is short. Make yourself at home!

Check out Taco for yourself now.