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How the papyrus scrolls explain Facebook.

And now for something a little bit different. I just could not resist sharing this gem, Cicero’s Web: How Social Media Was Born In Ancient Rome from Maria Popova, founder of with you.

Not only am I a great fan of her work, despite being a Roman history buff, I simply did not make this connection between Roman history and social media that Maria brought to my attention by recently sharing insights from Tom Standage‘s book The Writing On The Wall: Social Media The First 2,000 Years.

But now that I have read her post about his work, it seems completely obvious to me now! (Got to love hindsight.)

By the way, if you have not yet discovered do not deprive yourself any longer. Sign up to keep up with this great mind doing awesome work online. Or, to learn more about Maria and her work, check out this great interview conducted by author Tim Ferris: Maria Popova on Writing, Workflow and Workarounds

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

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