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SMARTSTART Executive Club




SMARTSTART helps you find solutions for all your business problems and challenges.





Have you been struggling to get your business off the ground? Are you less than thrilled with your business results and related income to date? Frustrated working your butt off in your business so you can live life on your own terms?

Are your days spent chasing every possibility for finding the secret to how you can make it all work? Or your nights spent agonizing over how to replace fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty with confidence, control, and income predictability?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, put an end to the madness and join the SMARTSTART revolution! Membership in our SMARTSTART Community is FREE. In fact, you can join the many thousands of entrepreneurs, including your favourite superstars, who are already SMARTSTART members here right now.

(Many members have been with us for over 10 years — you’ve seen their great work all over the internet by now!)


Thousands of aspiring business owners just like you have joined SMARTSTART to:

  • Get results they want, but don’t have.
  • Change results they have, but don’t want.

Indeed, the most recognized names online and offline, those highly respected people whose success you greatly admire and want to enjoy too have been using SMARTSTART principles and best practices to fuel their success for many years. (The online world definitely knows their work; you just don’t know all the ins-and-outs of how they did it. But it is something you can learn in SMARTSTART.)

SMARTSTART is the most comprehensive strategic business building and leadership program available online for growing a healthy, sustainable business. Proven time and time again, for over 30 years, to work for any industry, any business.

Our method of entrepreneurship and SMARTSTART Business Building Framework are guaranteed to change how you think about yourself and your business. And, having finally made that critically important mental shift, you can expect to experience a positive impact on your results.

Once you understand the front- and back-end factors that contribute to your business success, and work on them in the right sequence, at the right time, and in the right way (for you), you can eliminate the obstacles and barriers standing between where you are and where you want to be. While we start from where you are right now, you’ve got to know your end game too. All strategic business-building decisions flow from that.

This level of empowerment changes everything for you. It not only has the potential to reduce your risk of failure, it can transform your business from a gamble to an investment – or to put it simply and more accurately – a gamble in which you’ve managed to tilt the odds in your favour.

SMARTSTART helps you grow your business by increasing:

  • your customer base,
  • the amount of money customers spend on your products and services, and
  • the frequency with which customers do business with you.

These three activities are essential to improving the long-term financial results in your business. But they are not the only factors limiting your odds of success. You, too, need to commit to continuous learning and growth.

The skills you must acquire to overcome the barriers to success vary as you move through the different stages of the business lifecycle: idea exploration and viability assessment, start-up, survival, growth, maturity, and exit.

SMARTSTART helps you work through all that by providing custom solutions best suited to where you are right now (mentally, emotionally, and physically) on your business journey. The needs and challenges you’ll face are different at every stage in the lifecycle — that’s why one-size-fits-all blueprints do not work.

Working with the SMARTSTART methodology and “success-by-design” Business Building Framework, you’ll be able to create a business as unique and as valuable as you are and precisely suited to the stage you’re at right now!

A business capable of inspiring you and others to love your work while fully supporting the life you want. And a business potentially capable of making competition irrelevant.

Your SMARTSTART experience won’t be like other training or coaching you’ve taken.

  • Expect to stretch your thinking outside of your current comfort zone.
  • Expect to grow beyond the limits you once thought possible.
  • Expect to engineer your success from a state of grace and power, not by following the crowd or the latest trends.

This differentiation is absolutely key to achieving your desired levels of success and satisfaction with the business you’ve created.

Ultimately, your joy in doing great work and getting it out into the world so others can love your work too, along with renewed confidence in your own abilities and well-deserved pride in all you have subsequently achieved, will make you proud to say “I have my own business and it’s making a big difference in the world and in people’s lives!

That is why SMARTSTART matters and you should be part of it. Plus, as I said earlier, joining the SMARTSTART Community is FREE! You’ll find our sign-up form here.


SMARTSTART Business Building FrameworkPeople deciding to start a business generally begin this work on a level playing field. That is, they come to the table with:

  • a business idea,
  • skills they’ve acquired over the years, and
  • varying degrees of motivation.

Some also come equipped with the understanding positioning themselves for success involves mastering three mission critical activities:

  • defining your target market
  • creating desirable products and services
  • building and growing a profitable business

But then they get distracted chasing bright, shiny objects and can be completely derailed following bad business advice:

  • Facebook is a business strategy? (No, it’s not.)
  • Building a marketing funnel grows your customer base? (No, it doesn’t.)
  • Offering free sessions and low prices attracts more sales? (No, it won’t.)

And that’s when things quickly fall apart.

Your own experiences to date may already be telling a story that leaves you feeling incredibly disappointed and wondering why all this stuff is working for everyone but you. (Don’t worry. It isn’t.)

Building a business the SMARTSTART way requires understanding the front- and back-end success factors needed to move forward with your business. The front-end activities drive strategic decision making; the back-end activities are the execution and implementation of those decisions. Many are not fun, or even remotely sexy.

But they are essential and must be done — 8 form your foundation, 8 are required for execution, and 8 determine your potential for success realization.

When you’ve completed the front-end work, you’ll have a clearly defined strategy, message, and audience and will know what relationships you need to focus on building and when. And, on the back-end, you will need to build systems, select your tools, create assets, monitor results, and put a team in place to support you as you grow.

That is how successful business owners are doing it. SMARTSTART can help you learn how to do it too.


There hasn’t been an opening in Linda Lopeke’s calendar for almost 7 years. (Linda is the only real smartstartcoach and yes, there are people, including at least two men she knows of, out there pretending to be her! But don’t worry, she can’t be duplicated; you’ll be working with the real deal on your business.)

However, Linda just finished a massive client project that is expected to free up two half days and possibly an additional whole day for new clients wanting personal assistance with working on their businesses.

To get on the wait list and be considered for future openings, send an email to smartstartcoach at that describes:

  1. your business idea(s),
  2. the challenges you are facing, and
  3. why you want to have an opportunity to work personally with Linda to build or grow your business.

SMARTSTART | SOLUTIONS bookings are available as:

  • 75-minute work sessions (for help with a single issue or simple problem to be resolved)
  • Half-day work sessions (for help working through complex issues or new challenges)
  • Full-day work sessions (for help with detailed business strategies and project planning)

There are no openings for weekly private coaching at this time. Only 2 monthly private coaching packages are available this year. The Barrier Breaker package is a 3-month commitment; the Difference Maker package is a 6-month commitment.

Dates of availability in Ms. Lopeke’s calendar are announced monthly; all bookings are first-come, first-served.

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

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