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SMARTSTART PlanningInsider Secrets for Planning an Online Business

Most business owners know they should have a business plan but many have no idea how to go about preparing one. In this guide we help you direct your thinking and document the decisions you make that shape the future of your online business.

EVERYONE wants to build a successful business. We show you how to make it happen using a simple template to create a business plan for getting there!

This beginner’s guide explains:

  • 3 things that affect planning for your business success in any economic climate
  • the current state of entrepreneurship in America
  • what business planning is not about
  • why you need a business plan for any business
  • 5 secrets for effective business planning
  • 12 questions to use for clarifying your vision
  • 3 things you should decide and document first
  • figuring out what motivates you in your business
  • 3 measures to use for evaluating business success
  • why you cannot think your way to success
  • 3 paths to profitability you must monitor and control
  • 5 sections to complete in your business plan
  • deconstructing the formula for business success



NOTE: There are more planning tools and workbooks available; however, to build your core competency in this area you need the right mindset. That is why you must study the content in the beginner’s guide [Insider Secrets] first before we’ll offer you more program material.

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