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Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.― David Rich

When you ask God to heal your life, He shines a very bright light on everything you need to look at. You end up seeing things about yourself that maybe you’d rather not see. We have a lot of armour that has accumulated in front of our hearts—a lot of fear self-righteously masquerading as something else.

Sometimes, something happens, and the moment it does, we say, ‘I just knew it would be like this.’ Then we wonder why, if we really did know, we didn’t do anything. Perhaps that’s because we didn’t really know. We just had an inclination. Inclinations are funny things. They whisper to us in such a quiet, weedy voice, that we can hardly hear them. In among the thunderous cacophony of daily life, they seem irrelevant, even faintly ridiculous.

When our defences are down or our ambitions are up, we may deliberately make life difficult for ourselves. We may, for example, identify and acknowledge some easy way to attain an objective and then decide that it might be more rewarding to undertake the exercise with a handicap. Can it be done in half the time we quoted? While working on an even more complex project with an equally unrealistic deadline? Whilst collaborating with an individual we find disagreeable?

(We’ve all dealt with clients from hell at some point in our success journey, have we not?)

But then there are those times when all hell is breaking loose around us and we simply have to take a leap of faith. And simply believe. In ourselves. In our own strength. In the universe having our back.

I took the biggest leap of faith in my entire life today. Thanks to all those coming along for the ride.

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

PS I hope you’ll find the new RAISING THE BAR series inspiring. If so, please share this post with friends and followers. You never know what burdens others are carrying or how much their load might be made lighter by doing so. ♥♥♥


Raising The Bar is a new series for the SMARTSTART community that has been taking shape in my head for most of the time I’ve spent working to recover from catastrophic brain, spinal cord and psychological injuries resulting from a near fatal accident in 2009. Success, whether it’s in rehab, business, relationships, or life, hinges on our ability to master this simple formula: Belief (B) + Attitude (A) = Response (R).

I’m excited to be sharing it with you now as a next step in my injury recovery. Consider this your invitation to join me on a grand adventure. Oh, the places we will go! Including all the places that scare us most. For that is where the greatest opportunities for joy and happiness — the true measures of success — reside!