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Is math trauma crippling your business? And causing you high anxiety over all things finance related?

Math anxiety is often a leftover from grade school. And it can prevent even the smartest business owners from dealing with business finances. But, you don’t have to let it destroy your business and personal life!

And it doesn’t just interfere with increasing your sales, managing your cashflow and being able to pay yourself well (and regularly) for your hard work on your business, it also severely limits your ability to market and scale effectively and build the strategic relationships needed to succeed.

So the question isn’t how you can get better at business math, but rather how you can enjoy it enough to practice it responsibly without all the drama and anguish associated with it.

Don’t let math trauma cripple your success

Math is part of doing business. You don’t have to struggle with anxiety over it. And you might be just one decision away from bringing home more bacon.

Keep math anxiety from stealing your joy. So it doesn’t derail your success as the money comes into your business.

BUSINESS GENIUS | Episode 407: Is Math Trauma Crippling Your Business (00:05:55)

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