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Want more revenue? Create a 12-month marketing plan.

All businesses have their busy times and their slow times. It’s important you know when yours are. That way, you can plan your marketing in a manner that helps smooth out the predictable peaks and valleys in your cashflow.

But how do you get more customers to purchase on a consistent basis?

One way is to create a 12-month marketing plan. Another is to integrate all your traditional and social media marketing activities so that they support each other fully leveraging your investment and effort. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the few ways you may have been marketing your business in the past either.

Need inspiration and new marketing ideas? Download our Social Media Marketing Calendar and refer to the worksheet for planning annual marketing activities.)

Once you have your expanded list of marketing activities together, assign priorities to each one you plan to implement and decide when and how often you want to do them. The key is to schedule all of the promotions, sales, launches, webinars and other marketing events you will run for the entire year and then to coordinate all your social media marketing accordingly for maximum return.

You might also want to post your 12-month marketing plan on a large wall calendar to keep it in view every day. Consistent use of these road-tested tools can make all the difference to your bottom line. Don’t wait until January to begin experimenting. Start planning and tracking now to experience the results for yourself as soon as possible!