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Take 5 minutes to test how well you know yourself.

iPersonic was developed by Felicitas Heyne, a well-known psychologist and best-selling author. Her ground-breaking personality test takes just 5 minutes (there are only 4 steps), is free and provides immediate results, no registration required.

Which of these describes you best? Analytical thinker, determined realist, dreamy idealist, dynamic thinker, energetic doer, engaged idealist, good-natured realist, ground-breaking thinker, harmony-seeking idealist, independent thinker, individualistic doer, laid-back doer, reliable realist, sensitive doer, social realist, or spontaneous idealist?

Choose one, then take the test to see if science backs up how you see yourself.

(I turned out to be an independent thinker which is consistent with how I see myself and how others see me, I think.)