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Attending events is costly. Often more costly than you think or expect.

I first met Tom Antion about ten years ago, at a seminar no less! He’s extremely experienced and successful in the online marketing space but, what I’ve always liked best about him is he believes in telling it like it really is. He’s my kind of people!

Recently, Tom has been putting his knowledge and talent to work busting scam artists of all kinds. He posts these regularly on Twitter (see @scambrigade) and you can follow this work on I read Tom’s piece discussing the Top 20 Seminar Scams (and How to Avoid Them) previously and he’s since updated it for 2013.

So many of you are investing your hard-earned dollars on seminars for professional development and I highly recommend continuing to do that. However, not all seminars, seminar hosts or speakers are worthy of the money you spend on them. For this reason, I encourage you to¬†read this carefully and please consider taking Tom’s advice.

Forewarned is forearmed.