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Your readiness for high earnings is a pre-requisite to their achievement.

To assess your readiness, complete this quiz at the same time each year, then sign, date, and file your responses. During the months afterward, focus on improving in at least two areas not checked yes. Rapid progress is inevitable. Watch an interesting picture of yourself emerge as you earn your way into the fabulous $100,000 club and beyond! However, always remember that the higher your income, the greater your responsibility. Earning a lot of money doesn’t change you, it just makes you more of who you already are.

Your money-related readiness

Y/N     I love the idea of making unlimited income from my business.
Y/N     I work in a field, job function, or business where six-figure earnings are possible.
Y/N     I have given myself permission to succeed financially.

Y/N     I see money as my servant, not my master.
Y/N     I always pay myself first.
Y/N     I live below my means.

Y/N     I manage my money so as to ensure I can maintain my independence over time.
Y/N     I am responsible about managing debt.
Y/N     I am planning for my future retirement.

Y/N     I check in with myself regularly to make sure the money I’m earning reflects what I deserve.
Y/N     I regularly confirm that the way in which I’m earning money is not costing me more than it is worth.
Y/N     I deal honestly with customers, life and business partners, and tax authorities.

Y/N     I use money as a vehicle to make life more enjoyable for others as well as myself.
Y/N     I tithe or donate 10% of my earnings for the benefit of others.
Y/N     I regularly invest in myself and my business.

Your work-related readiness

Y/N     I plan tomorrow’s work today.
Y/N     I am orderly in both person and work.
Y/N     I do not waste time—mine or other people’s.

Y/N     I review my priorities regularly and pay attention to them daily.
Y/N     I constantly ask myself “what is the best use of my time right now?
Y/N     I concentrate all abilities and efforts on the task at hand (rather than multitasking).

Y/N     I set my own deadlines, carefully plan my strategy, and measure my results.
Y/N     I make whatever adjustments are necessary to improve performance.
Y/N     I check on progress quarterly with customers, partners, and mentors.

Y/N     I work to a higher-than-average professional standard.
Y/N     I can be relied upon to keep my commitments and meet deadlines.
Y/N     I do not make excuses when plans go awry or my performance misses the mark.

Y/N     I consistently deliver a minimum of 10% more than expected.
Y/N     I am consciously always building my “dynamic value”.
Y/N     I have fun even when working at highest intensity.

Your leadership-related readiness

Y/N     I accept the realities of my business and do my best to work effectively within the rules of the game.
Y/N     I know my role in the big picture and am confident in the strengths I bring to that role.
Y/N     I hire people smarter than me and let them do their jobs without micromanaging them.

Y/N     I anticipate and neutralize others’ objections by planning out my options and strategies in advance.
Y/N     I choose a course of action consistent with my priorities.
Y/N     I am sincere yet decisive.

Y/N     I can distinguish the various types of “no” and handle rejection by simply saying “next”.
Y/N     My response to difficult situations and people is intelligently prepared and confidently delivered.
Y/N     I tolerate change and imperfection well in others and myself.

Y/N     I give recognition to others where it is due.
Y/N     I credit success to my team but, in failure, take full responsibility for results alone.
Y/N     I acknowledge my own contributions and achievements without going overboard or bragging.

Your professional development-related readiness

Y/N     I take initiative in acquiring the expertise that best serves my goals and my business.
Y/N     I model the success of others who have gone before me.
Y/N     I constantly watch and learn from those around me.

Y/N     I am the consummate professional at all times even when those around me are losing it.
Y/N     I read a mind-stretching book at least once a month. (Note: more frequently would be better.)
Y/N     I acquire at least one new proficiency each year.

Y/N     I am intellectually curious and unafraid of asking questions—lots of them.
Y/N     When I don’t know the answer, I admit it; then I find out and share what I’ve learned.
Y/N     I look beyond the obvious to see things from many perspectives and broaden my viewpoint.

Y/N     I regularly take risks, never fearing failure.
Y/N     I do not fear mistakes—just the absence of creative, constructive, and corrective responses to them.
Y/N     I see everything I experience and everyone I meet as a learning opportunity.

Your business development-related readiness

Y/N     I consistently set big goals and see myself achieving them regardless of obstacles.
Y/N     I regularly assess whether my actions are moving me closer to or farther away from my goals and values.
Y/N     When I’m presented with setbacks and feel like giving up, I don’t.

Y/N     I’ve acquired (or have a plan to acquire) both cost and profit centre experience.
Y/N     I use facts as my basis for decision-making but also listen my instincts.
Y/N     I act on situations and opportunities, rather than be acted upon.

Y/N     I have a structured method for building personal and professional networks.
Y/N     I never compromise honesty; my ethics and behaviour are always beyond reproach.
Y/N     I seek feedback but remain independent of the good or bad opinions of others.

Y/N     I apply the lessons learned from mistakes so I don’t repeat those mistakes.
Y/N     I am always open to sharing my professional and life experiences for the benefit of others.
Y/N     I am willing to use my resources and networks to facilitate the success of others.

Your personal growth-related readiness

Y/N     I know my own strengths, priorities, and values.
Y/N     I can name my personal role models and heroes and describe what it is about them that inspires me.
Y/N     I use the power of focus to reach personal, professional, and financial goals all of which are written down.

Y/N     I maintain my integrity, even while enduring the betrayal of false friends.
Y/N     I take ownership of all my choices, decisions, and relationships.
Y/N     I accept responsibility only for that which is under my control.

Y/N     I exercise wisdom in what I eat, read, see, and do.
Y/N     I listen twice as much as I speak.
Y/N     I have broken the chains of perfectionism.

Y/N     I keep my mind free of limitations at all times.
Y/N     I maintain a sense of humour, especially about myself.
Y/N     I never burn bridges; I make them.

Y/N     I always do the right thing, even if it’s more costly or inconvenient and no one else would ever know.
Y/N     I do something to add to my self-esteem and to the self-esteem of others every day.
Y/N     I perform random acts of kindness, most anonymously, on a regular basis.