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It’s everything you want to know about your website’s performance, in one place.

If you like to experiment with analytics tools, you can sign up for HeatSync and try it out for free while it’s in beta. While I currently use Google Analytics on our website, it doesn’t give me all the information I need and it isn’t nearly as easy to use as this new tool.

With HeatSync, you can track as many websites as needed. The website dashboard is a detailed view of key metrics, all in one place and in real time. HeatSync collects, organizes, and stores all the analytics in the cloud, then presents them to you in a meaningful way.

Never be shy about finding new ways to gain insight into website trends and performance. And, if you are very daring, you can even compare your web site metrics to a competitors — it might just be all the inspiration you need to think seriously about how you can improve your web visitors’ experience.