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Calendars are a record of interruptions. ~Mike Monteiro

Recently I had the pleasure of reading The Chokehold of Calendars, a blog post by Mike Monteiro on
It couldn’t have been more timely and the hits came fast and furious, starting in the first paragraph:

Most people don’t schedule their work. They schedule the interruptions that prevent their work from happening.

Everyone deals with calendar planning and management challenges, including those who don’t keep calendars at all (theirs being challenges of a different kind).

Many of us struggle with meetings that interfere with our need to work on focused tasks. Interruptions and distractions of all kinds litter our days, often sucking the life right out of them (and us).

But Mike had a different take on all of it. A simple, brilliant solution, in fact. His suggestion?

Change our approach from how we’ve always done it to goal-oriented calendar planning instead. Read all about that here. Then book your first experiment with it and prepare for a life-changing moment.

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

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