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Photos drive engagement.

It’s not a coincidence that you’re seeing so many more photos and images delivering all those content messages in social media. It’s simply a fact that photos drive more engagement and that’s what most of us hope for, right?

So once you’ve sourced the perfect image, how do you add messages and work with photos to make them even more interesting and effective? Well many have discovered this free and easy-to-use photo editing tool, PicMonkey. And it’s only one of dozens of free tools available for you to use!

Want to go beyond messages and collages? iPiccy photo editor allows you not only do basic edits: picture crop, rotate and re-size but you can also use it for more advanced photo editing like facial touch-up, painting with custom brushes, overlaying photos, creating stickers, adding cool frames and applying stunning textures!

For experimenting with cool special effects like creating a mosaic and miniatures try Picadilo. In a hurry? Phixr lets you edit your images right in your browser.

It’s now easier than ever to add messages and captions to your photos, create collages and use special effects but, fair warning, these tools are highly addictive!