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Common conversion-killing marketing mistakes could be keeping your marketing from working!

Remember the training montage scene in the 1976 hit movie Rocky? What you see Stallone do in the 40 seconds starting at minute two is key to knowing how to not make this common conversion-killing marketing mistake!

Almost everyone makes this mistake more than once! But it’s easy to fix when you know what to look for and what to do instead. And fixing it is critical to reinforcing (and not contradicting or diluting) your marketing message.

Which is why after my clients see the difference this simple fix makes, they rarely make it again.

Paying attention to small details in your marketing, video and stage work makes all the difference to how well your marketing and sales messages are received. So, give yourself the benefit of every advantage you can.

That way, your marketing can do the heavy lifting for you. And you’ll be rewarded with higher sales. Which is, of course, your ultimate goal. Is it not?

Are you making this conversion-killing marketing mistake too?

Listen in as I explain:

  • the importance of direction in marketing and digital communications, video and stage work,
  • how cultural conditioning subliminally influences your audience response to messaging, and
  • what to give your audience instead (Hint: see it at work in the Rocky scene) to improve results.

BUSINESS GENIUS | Episode 408: Conversion-Killing Marketing Mistakes (00:05:23)

PS Then watch what Rocky does closely, starting at minute two, to see this principle in action!

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