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Branding Secret #5: Communicate

image - SMARTSTART Branding

Communicate the character of your brand and what it stands for.

The fifth branding success secret I want to share with you is you must learn how to communicate. Don’t just communicate the message of your brand and your sales proposition. Communicate the character of your brand and what it stands for.

Do this consistently and well. There are so many opportunities for you to reinforce your brand outside of your book, product or web site and many of them cost little or nothing at all for you to do.

For example, you can control and enhance your brand:

  • through the signature lines you use on your email messages,
  • on the voicemail message that plays on your telephone line when you can’t answer right away,
  • in the copy that appears on your web site, business card, correspondence and mailing labels,
  • through how you present testimonials,
  • in how you package your media materials, and
  • even in the clothing and accessories you wear when you appear at book signings or speak at conferences.

The reason you want to pay careful attention to all the ways you touch or interact with your customer is this:

Brand is how you communicate your uniqueness and inspire greatness!

PS Don’t forget that you are your brand too. Speak well of yourself always.